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Transportation Assistance

The Head Start transportation service area strives to assist as many families as possible with their transportation needs while ensuring the greatest margin of safety and protection for the children.

The buses are equipped with all the safety equipment needed for everyday use and emergencies. Cell phones are available on each bus for use in emergencies. Buses are also equipped with seat belts and height and weight appropriate restraint systems. Each bus is inspected by the Ohio State Highway Patrol twice a year, and each day by the bus driver before use.

Head Start bus drivers are required to carry a CDL license with school bus and passenger endorsements. They are also required to have a Pre-Service Certification from the state with annual In-Service training. They must pass drug tests, annual physicals, and driver background checks. Each bus is required to have a driver and bus monitor on board any time there are children on the bus.

Transportation Staff

Drivers and Monitors are trained in areas such as First Aid, child abuse, and communicable diseases. They are also trained on child boarding and exiting procedures, the use of child restraint systems, and pick up and drop off procedures.

Each driver is required to prepare routes, schedules, and maps of their pick up and drop off points and make changes as necessary. The routes must include any potentially hazardous conditions and alternate routes to use in case of hazards. The routes, whenever possible, must not allow children to cross streets. Should this be necessary, children must be escorted by an adult.


All children and parents will be provided with bus safety training. Included in this training are Pedestrian Safety and Safe Riding Practices. Emergency evacuation procedures and drills are conducted on the bus to which the child is assigned. The activities will be appropriate for the age of the Head Start child. Parents are urged to follow up on the training at home.