Q & A

Q?What are the health requirements to get into the programs?

Children applying for Early Head Start need to have current physical (completed within the last 13 months), lead results (for any child over 12 months old) and hemoglobin/hematocrit results. Children applying for Head Start need to have a current physical (completed within the last 13 months), lead results, hemoglobin/hematocrit results, and a current dental (completed within the last 12 months). Children my not begin in the centers or with home visits until the necessary information is received by our main office.

Q?What does “income eligible” mean?

Head start and Early Head Start are federal programs, indicating that there are specific requirements for enrollment. We are federally mandated to look at twelve months of documented income to determine if your family’s income falls within certain brackets. There are four eligibility brackets into which we place families. They are:

• Children whose income falls below 100% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines

• Children whose income is above 100% but have documented disability in the form of an IEP (Head Start) or an IFSP (early HEad Start)

• Children whose incomes call between 101% and 130% of the federal poverty guidelines

• Children whose income is above 130% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Children in the first bracket get first priority at available enrollment slots. All files in this bracket are examined to ensure that we are serving those most in need and at risk first. If additional slots exist after enrolling children in the first bracket, then children in the following three brackets are considered.

Q?What happens if my child remains on the waitlist all year without ever getting into a program?

Unfortunately, this can and does happen. If your child would be age eligible for services, you will be sent a letter indicating that you will need to complete a new enrollment.

Q?What does my child need in the center?

We ask that each child attending the centers have a back pack and a change of clothes.

Q?Once my child is accepted, how soon can they start?

That depends. Children can be accepted (means that a spot is reserved for them), but may still be missing health documents such as physical or dental records, or results of lead and hemoglobin/hematocrit blood draw. We will work with you to make sure that hese documents are completed and turned in. Children cannot start in the centers or home-based programs without these documents. Once these are received, center staff and home visitors will be in touch with you about your child’s start date.

Q?Can I go to the center I prefer for a tour?

Absolutely! We encourage parents to come to our centers to see the classrooms. Please call the center ahead of time to schedule a tour.

Q?How will I know if my child is accepted?

You will be contacted via letter or phone call if your child is accepted.

Q?How long will my child be on the waitlist?

This question is very difficult to answer. It depends on which center or program you are interested in, space availability, turnover in slots, need of your child versus others on the waitlist, etc. There is no way to predict how long or short the wait will be.

Q?How are children placed on the waitlist?

In every file, there are key enrollment indicators that help us determine which children have the greatest need for services. Federal performance standards state that we must give priority to those children with greatest need. Children are placed on the waitlist according to their need. The waitlist is not first come, first serve.

Q?What happens to my file after I meet with staff to complete an enrollment?

The file comes to our main office for processing. If it is complete, the file is entered into our agency waitlist.

Q?Now that I’ve completed the enrollment paperwork, is my child accepted?

No. Enrollment packets are processed at our main office Children are offered enrollment slots based on a number of factors, including space available at the centers, transportation needs of your family, greatest need for services, etc.

Q?My child is not yet potty trainined. Can he/she enroll in Head Start?

Yes, We accept children into the program who are not potty trained. Our staff are happy to help with potty training.

Q?Do I need a current physical and dental for my child in order for them to participate?

Yes, State and Federal Regulations require that your child have an up-to-date physical and dental on file with Head Start before he or she can participate.

Q?Does Head Start provide bussing or transportation to the Centers?

Bussing is provided at all the centers. However, not all children are able to be bussed due to federal regulations that prohibit children from being on a school bus for longer than one hour. Due to this, in some rural areas, bussing cannot be provided.

Q?Will my child receive meals when at Head Start?

Yes. Breakfast and lunch are served for children enrolled in a.m. classes. For children enrolled in p.m. classes, lunch and a snack are served. Please see Nutrition & Health in the “about” menu for more information.